Illustrious stuff

I’ve been looking at a lot of illustration in the past few weeks which, for me, is a bit like christmas. Why you ask? Well, because in my dreams, I get to commission all of these talented people to illustrate the many stories I currently have out ‘there’ sitting in the vast bottomless in-trays of the demigods that are publishers’ and agents’ editors. Editors who, I’ve discovered, live on a completely different planet where the concept of time versus available life, has yet to be realised.

Am I ranting?

Ok, I’ll get on with it then. Here are some of my favourite illustrators. In no specific order. Enjoy.

1. My most recent find; Dave Eggers and his unqiue sideways look at animals and what they might be thinking.


2. Allan Sanders‘ cartoon-quality characters make me smile. That and his use of very subtle colour mixes are magnificent.


3. Various student artists created this set of posters for the 1968 French student protests; now part of the Paris, Mouvement Mai-Juin collection. Simple, direct, hugely effective, I’m a big fan of the serigraph print and would love to own this one.

68 2

4. Dylan Miner’s relief prints are wonderful things. I’m lucky enough to own two of them, currently hanging above my PC  providing pleasure and posing questions in equal measure; something the Just Seeds Co-operative are famous for.


5. There are some really different styles going on in Jennifer Yerkes’ work, but her illustrations for children’s books demonstrate a deep understanding of what makes kids tick, plus an appealing disregard for the obvious.

jy 1

6. More than a little retro, Dan Stiles’ pen is unsurprisingly in huge demand. Impactful and instantly recognisable.


7. There’s a chance you may already have a bit of Kate Larsen’s work in your bathroom on Boots’ product packaging. Her illustration style is really gentle and pleasing to look at.


8. I own this linocut print ‘Doggie Diner’ by Eric Rewitzer from 3 Fish Studios. There’s something about it that just amuses me and says so much about the States. Again, the print method is a favourite. Eric and Annie’s linocuts, paintings and postcards are original and affordable. Find them here.


9. Back in time again now to Richard Erdoes, whose work takes us to the 50’s and 60’s. His style reminds me a lot of Miroslav Sasek and ‘This is London,’ a much loved book in my home.


10. I first came across Bali Engel when I saw Norwich to Sheringham; the brilliant Picasso-esque animated short. I’ve been a fan ever since.