I don’t charge by the hour because there’s no way you can monitor that. It’s an unfair and frankly old-fashioned way to bill. I’ll agree a fixed project fee with you based on your objectives and the volume of work and I’ll stick to it until the job’s done. I very rarely need to do more than one or two sets of revisions and all necessary research is included in the price. The only time I’ll revise a fee is if the project changes or the brief grows. Fixed fee project working allows you greater flexibility and far better value than hourly rates. You can budget and I can focus. Simple.

I don’t menu price either. You wouldn’t buy an off-the-peg marketing strategy. You shouldn’t buy off-the-peg writing. This isn’t an expensive way to price – project pricing frequently works out cheaper than charging by the hour. Contact me for a no-obligation quote for your next project.