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The Great Wall

Guy Laramee

More incredible art from books. Guy Laramee and The Great Wall project. Take a look here.

Pulp Addiction

A great and creative thing to do with your old pulp fiction stock. These shots of quirky book cover art from photographer Thomas Allen. See the whole collection here. More on Thomas Allen and his process here. Enjoy.


Illustrious stuff

I’ve been looking at a lot of illustration in the past few weeks which, for me, is a bit like christmas. Why you ask? Well, because in my dreams, I get to commission all of these talented people to illustrate the many stories I currently have out ‘there’ sitting in the vast bottomless in-trays of the demigods that are publishers’ and agents’ editors. Editors who, I’ve discovered, live on a completely different planet where the concept of time versus available life, has yet to be realised.

Am I ranting?

Fab Twaggies

A clever combination: Twitticisms + great illustration = Twags. From Kiersten Essenpreis at Twaggies.


Perfect Propaganda

Picture-146china-postersI’ve been a fan of propaganda art for years and have the beginnings of a poster collection that one day will require its own mini museum. Aesthetically, the combination of knock-out design, typography and (much-mimicked) text just enthralls.

The Fantastic Dr Lakra

If you happen to be  in Boston this summer, go and see this guy’s exhibition at the ICA. Jerónimo López Ramírez (aka Dr Lakra) is an artist and tattooist based in Mexico. I really like his process – the way he invalidates what he’s chosen to paint on and the slightly subverted tone. You can see a slideshow of some of his work here.

Converse Presents Dr. Lakra from Highsnobiety on Vimeo.